Science & Technology

Science Visionaries of Today & Tomorrow

The Subcommittee on Science and Technology launched a wide-ranging outreach effort to identify new multidisciplinary science frontiers that hold great promise for fostering both innovation and growing opportunities for chemistry-related scientists worldwide.  ComSci is drawing on expertise within and outside of ACS including ACS journal editors, divisions, federal agencies, venture capitalists and industry leaders to identify 1-2 such areas by year-end.  The areas identified will be developed and disseminated through various programs and virtual content tools.

The subcommittee continues to develop the new symposium series by developing a series of short video interviews of Nobel Laureates to educate members on unanswered questions in chemistry research, the implications for innovation and society, and the broader environmental and policy issues impacting emerging areas in chemistry.  The first two Nobel Laureates, Martin Chalfie (2008 Laureate, Columbia) and Richard R. Schrock (2005 Laureate, MIT) were interviewed separately at their institutions.  Video clips will be available on Chemistry Over Coffee.