Committee on Science Roster


  • Dr. Matthew A. Fisher


  • Dr. Jane V. Aldrich
  • Dr. Steven M. Bonser
  • Dr. Mary K. Carroll
  • Dr. Katharine J. Covert
  • Dr. Teresa A. Fryberger
  • Dr. Diana J. Gerbi
  • Dr. Emily R. Grumbling
  • Dr. Robin J. Hood
  • Dr. Young-Shin Jun
  • Dr. Martin G. Kociolek
  • Dr. James D. Kubicki
  • Dr. Laura L. McConnell
  • Mr. Michael J. Morello
  • Dr. Carl Picconatto
  • Dr. Lewis Whitehead

Committee Associates

  • Dr. Kevin L. Armbrust
  • Dr. Mitchell R.M. Bruce
  • Dr. Vanda Glezakou
  • Ms. Mary Beth C. Koza
  • Dr. Robert A. Pribush
  • Dr. Todd M. Przybycien

Divisional Representatives

  • Dr. Maria-Jesus Blanco
  • Mr. Michael J. Morello
  • Dr. Seth C. Rasmussen
  • Dr. Jenifer C. Shafer
  • Dr. Lindsey A. Welch
  • Mr. Michael J. Morello


  • Dr. Judith L. Benham

Staff Liaisons


Subcommittee on Awards

  • Steven Bonser, Chair
  • Emily R. Grumbling
  • Young-Shin Jun
  • Mary Beth Koza

Subcommittee on Communications

  • Diana Gerbi, Chair
  • Mary Beth Koza
  • James Kubicki
  • Seth Rasmussen
  • Lewis Whitehead

Subcommittee on Public Policy

  • Mary Beth Koza, Chair
  • Jane Aldrich
  • Kevin L. Armbrust
  • Mitchell Bruce
  • Teresa Fryberger
  • Robin Hood
  • Jenifer Shafer
  • Lindsey Welch
  • Lewis Whitehead

Subcommittee on Science and Technology (S&T)

  • Young-Shin Jun, Chair
  • Judy Benham
  • Maria-Jesus Blanco
  • Steven Bonser
  • Mary Carroll
  • Kathy Covert
  • Diana Gerbi
  • Vanda Glezakou
  • Emily R. Grumbling
  • James Kubicki
  • Laura McConnell
  • Michael Morello
  • Carl Picconatto
  • Bob Pribush
  • Todd M. Przybycien
  • Seth Rasmussen

On Voting

All formal votes of ACS Committees may be made by committee members only. The Chair of each committee may make use of informal votes or polls to assess the sense of those present. Such informal votes may include committee associates, committee liaisons, consultants and visitors. The Committee on Committees encourages Chairs to use informal votes in an effort to retain an air of openness and fairness.