CPT Symposium at BCCE

CPT Symposium at the Biennial Conference on Chemical Education

Grand Valley State University
Grand Rapids, Michigan
August 3-7, 2014

Enriching Professional Preparation of Students:  Vertical Skill Integration
and Capstone Experiences

The 2014 edition of the ACS Guidelines for Bachelor Degree Programs will strongly encourage approved programs to require that their certified chemistry majors participate in a capstone experience.  In this CPT-sponsored symposium, we will explore possible approaches for providing such experiences through a combination of invited and contributed talks as well as discussion among the participants. The ACS Committee on Professional Training expects that a broad range of approaches could be taken to provide students with appropriate capstone experiences. Examples include undergraduate research, an advanced laboratory course, a more traditional skill-focused capstone course, or a mentioned teaching experience. The CPT hopes to use this symposium to simulate discussion of how professional development of students could be promoted through such upper-level skilled-focused experiences.

Monday, August 4

Advanced Synthesis and Spectroscopy - Lessons learned from designing a capstone course
Dr. Scott Van Bramer, Widener University

Putting an emphasis on research in the curriculum:  A year-long capstone research course serves as the keystone for the neuroscience minor program at Hope College
Dr. Leah Chase, Hope College

Developing commercial awareness in a chemistry curriculum
Dr. Samantha Pugh, Leeds City College

Senior chemistry capstone experience at the University of Evansville:  Lessons in life-long learning, professionalism, and philanthropy
Dr. Kristy Miller, University of Evansville

Presentation of the capstone experience in chemistry at the University of Cincinnati
Dr. Bruce S. Ault, The University of Cincinnati

From stepping stones to capstone:  Skill development in the chemistry senior seminar
Dr. Alan Rosen, Drew University

The Senior Individualized Project as a capstone experience
Dr. Jeffrey Bartz, Kalamazoo College

Integrating student skills into a crowded curriculum:  What have we learned from this symposium?
Dr. Anne B. McCoy, The Ohio State University