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Corporations and corporate foundations are partnering with ACS to support educational programs that promote scientific literacy and inspire the next generation. Together, they aim to attract and nurture talented students from all walks of life, thereby supporting the development of a diverse workforce that can address society’s greatest challenges in energy, agriculture, health and the environment.

BASF Partners in ACS Scholars Program

BASF became the 15th National Partner in the ACS Scholars Program, which awards scholarships, mentoring, and networking opportunities to high-potential African American, Hispanic/Latino, and American Indian undergraduates pursuing careers in chemistry and chemical engineering.

BASF Chief Diversity Officer Pat Rossman is proud of the company’s continued commitment to science education with its ongoing effort to support underrepresented minority students in the chemical sciences. “One of the most rewarding parts of my work, frankly, is to be able to work with some of the young people through the ACS Scholars Program. The Scholars give us such encouragement and enthusiasm for the future,” Rossman states. “When we think of the challenges and opportunities facing the world, so much can be solved through chemistry and dedicated chemists. We are committed to building the thinkers, innovators, and leaders for the future…and the seeds of that are planted with the ACS Scholars Program.”

Numerous former ACS Scholars are now carving out careers in different parts of BASF, including Chloe Goodman, Carolina Pelaez, Charles Phillips and Art Sutton, Jr. Profiles of these and other former ACS Scholars are available online.

BASF currently supports eight juniors in the ACS Scholars Program. Rossman looks forward to the partnership with ACS for many years to come.

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BASF Chief Diversity Officer Pat Rossman meets with ACS Scholars and ACS staff.

With the belief that the "power of difference drives innovation," BASF leverages the ACS Scholars Program to support its talent pipeline.

– Pat Rossman
BASF Chief Diversity Officer