Chemistry and the Economy: 2019 Mid-Year Update

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In the global chemical economy, the only constant is change. The US now ranks as the largest oil producer in the world, uncertainty surrounding Britain's exit from the EU continues and the opportunity to use recycled materials is putting pressure on how some industries do business. Join us for our biannual look at the economy with Paul Hodges of International eChem and Bill Carroll of Carroll Applied Science for an update of what has been affecting the chemical market and what companies can do to adapt to this changing world in 2019.

What You Will Learn

  • How the growing pressure to use recycled plastics will affect the demand for ethane/ethylene polyethylene feedstocks in the future
  • An overview of the oil market and outlook as well as how the current US distribution network is lagging behind the US’ growing oil industry
  • An overview of the latest numbers relating to the chemical industry from the American Chemistry Council
  • What will be the impact of the new US and China tariffs on the chemical industry

The Fine Print

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