2016 Drug Design and Delivery Symposium

We’ve expanded our panel of experts and revamped the format of the symposium for 2016. This year’s webinar series has been divided in to different modules in order to provide three short, comprehensive perspectives of the drug design and delivery process. Register now to discover more about:

I - Time: The Fourth Dimension in Drug Discovery
January 28 The Importance of Drug-Target Kinetics in Drug Design
Robert Copeland -  Epizyme, Inc
Dan Erlanson - Carmot Therapeutics
February 25 Long-Acting Injectable Medications: Strategies and Mechanistic Considerations
Jules Remenar - Alkermes
Annette Bak - Merck
March 31 Modified Release Formulations for Solubility Starved Compounds
Mengwei Hu - Merck
John Morrison - BMS
April 28 The Medicinal Chemist of Tomorrow (Special Topic)  
Joel Barrish - Achillion
Ravi Nargund - Merck
Molly Schmid - Tech Coast Angels
II - Beyond Traditional Small Molecules
May 19 Design of Deliverable Macrocycles
Scott Lokey - UC Santa Cruz
Nicholas Meanwell - BMS
June 23

Dreaming Big and Thinking Small: Applying Medicinal Chemistry Strategy to Antibody-Drug-Conjugates 
L. Nathan Tumey -  Pfizer
Peter Senter - Seattle Genetics

July 28

Nucleic Acids Therapeutics: Making Sense of Antisense Oligonucleotides
Punit Seth -  Ionis
Richard Olson - BMS

August 18 Crystallography as a Drug Design and Delivery Tool  (Special Topic)
Robert Wenslow - Crystal Pharmatech
Vincent Stoll - Abbvie
Andrew Brunskill - Merck
III - Pharmacology Revisited
September 29 Dealing with Reactive Drug Metabolites in Drug Discovery: Can We Predict Toxicities of Drug Candidates that form Reactive Metabolites?
Deepak Dalvie - Pfizer
Frederick Peter Guengerich - Vanderbilt University
October 27 Rational Design of Small Molecules Targeting RNA
Matt Disney - Scripps RI Florida
Amanda Garner - University of Michigan
November 10 Cell Penetrating Peptides to Improve Cellular Drug Uptake
Dehua Pei - The Ohio State University
Scott Hart - Bristol-Myers Squibb
Scott Hart
Bristol-Myers Squibb

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Carmot Therapeutics

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ACS Journals Publishing Group    

Annette Bak
Astra Zeneca

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Janssen Research and Development

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