2021 Drug Design and Delivery Symposium

We are continuing the theme of last year’s symposium and will feature more of the most innovative and revolutionary ideas in drug design and delivery. This year we have decided to increase the duration of each broadcast for an additional 30 minutes in the hope to dive deeper into each topic as well as answer more of your questions. The details for upcoming broadcasts will be posted as they are finalized. 

The Discovery of Sotorasib (AMG 510): First-in-Class Investigational Covalent Inhibitor of KRAS G12C
Brian Lanman - Amgen
Ariamala Gopalsamy - AstraZeneca
Mar 31 An Integrated Approach: Oral Delivery of a Fatty Acid Acylated GLP-1 Peptide
Stephen Buckley - Novo Nordisk
Aktham Aburub - Eli Lilly and Company
May 20 Online vs. In-Person: Networking as a Medicinal Chemist
Ronny Priefer - Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences University
Kelly Chibale - University of Cape Town
Maria Laura Bolognesi - University of Bologna
Lorraine Clark -  ACS Publications
Jun 24 How Computational Chemistry is Accelerating Drug Discovery
Scott Edmondson - Nimbus Therapeutics
Nicholas Meanwell - Bristol-Myers Squibb
Jul 29 Targeted Delivery of RNA-targeted Therapeutics
Punit Seth - Ionis Pharmaceuticals
Charvi Nanavat - Ionis Pharmaceuticals
Sep 17 How to Identify and Design around Structural Alerts in Drug Discovery
Nicholas Meanwell - Bristol-Myers Squibb
Deepak Dalvie - Crinetics Pharmaceuticals
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Annette Bak

Lorraine Clark
ACS Publications

Patrice L. Jackson-Ayotunde 
Univ. of Maryland Eastern Shore 

Anirban Mahapatra
ACS Publications

Nicholas Meanwell
Bristol-Myers Squibb

John Morrison
The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson

Nurulain Zaveri
Astraea Therapeutics