Green Chemistry Series

ACS Webinars is proud to partner with the ACS Green Chemistry Institute®, whose mission is to catalyze and enable the implementation of green chemistry and engineering throughout the global chemical enterprise. Learn about the amazing work being done by chemists to reduce waste and reduce demand on diminishing resources and improve our world. 


Eric Beckman
University of Pittsburgh

Richard Blackburn
University of Leeds 

James Clark
Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence

Cliff Coss

Joe Fortunak
Howard University

Marc Hillmyer
University of Minnesota

Andrew Hunt
Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence

James Hutchison
University of Oregon

Brian B. Laird
University of Kansas

Nathan Lewis
California Institute of Technology

Avtar Matharu
Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence

Lucie Pfaltzgraff
Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence

Michel Philippe 

Anthony K Rappé
Colorado State University

Pamela Spencer
Dow Chemical

Julian R. Silverman
CUNY Graduate Center