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Halloween Candy Chemistry: Caramels, Gummies, Jellies, and Candy Corn

October 8, 2015


Join us as Rich Hartel returns to dive deeper in to the chemistry of your favorite sweet treats! Learn how not all caramels and gummies are created equally and learn what candy corn is actually made of. 

What You Will Learn

  • That not all caramels are the same.
  • The difference between gummy and jelly candies.
  • What candy corn is actually made of.
  • and much more ...

Sweeten Your Viewing Experience

Make the webinar interactive by having the following candies on hand for the broadcast

  • Chewy caramel (like Werther's original)
  • Cube caramel (Brach's or Kraft)
  • Jelly candy - orange slice, spice drops, Dots, etc.
  • American Gummy Bear (Black Forest)
  • European Gummy Bear (Haribo)
  • Candy corn

The Fine Print

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Rich Hartel
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Silvana Martini
Utah State University