Tapping into the Chemistry of Beer and Brewing

August 26, 2010

Beer and beer foam

Fancy a bubbly brew? Curious to know how chemistry affects the differences behind various beers? With over 1,500 professional breweries and many dedicated homebrewers, the United States is the world's largest producer of this most popular alcoholic beverage. Join us with speaker Charles Bamforth, Professor of Food Science and Technology at UC Davis, to learn about everything from chemistry tips for making great brews to career options for chemical professionals in the beer industry. It's all about the chemistry behind beer!

What You Will Learn

  • Understanding the chemistry of beer and brewing; helping you get the best from your beer
  • Myth or science: Could beer be the go to drink for health?
  • Using your chemistry knowledge to learn differences between beers
  • Career options and roles for chemical professionals in the beer industry
  • And much more…

The Fine Print

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