How Chemistry is keeping Your Food Safe - Application of ultra high pressure liquid chromatography in a Food Safety Laboratory

April 1, 2010

Fish packed in ice

Ever wondered about what keeps your food safe from harmful contaminants? Food safety is frequently featured in the headline news and chemistry plays an important role in assuring that our food is free from unwanted contaminants. Learn the latest in separation science and instrumentations utilized in food analysis. Join our speaker, Walter Hammack with the Florida Department of Agriculture, as he discusses the various chromatographic tools, methods, and regulations for food safety.

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What You Will Learn

  • What is ultra high pressure liquid chromatography (UHPLC)?
  • Advantages of UHPLC over HPLC – how does it keep your food safe
  • What type of equipment is needed to take advantage of UHPLC?
  • Practical applications of the UHPLC for food analysis

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Walter Hammack
Florida Department of Agriculture