Thinking Outside the Pillbox: Lead Generation and Optimization in Crop Protection Research

Drug Design and Delivery Series
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Over the past 50 years, crop protection has evolved from using pesticides in high use rate to applying safer, selective, and more efficacious products, which share many of the features of modern drugs. Resistance development and environmental concerns are key drivers in the search for new, improved agrochemicals, which are currently discovered and optimized following a complex and demanding path similar to that followed in drug discovery. 

Join Fides Benfatti of Syngenta Crop Protection during this free interactive broadcast as she demonstrates through various case studies much like Drug Discovery, crop protection research is a daunting challenge that has to be faced with world-class science where both industries can gain valuable insight from each other.

What You Will Learn

  • What are the challenges to identify safe, selective, and efficacious agrochemicals
  • How these challenges are addressed, revealed through case studies
  • Similarities and differences between crop protection and pharmaceutical research

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