The Medicinal Chemist of Tomorrow

April 28, 2016
Session 4 of the 2016 Drug Design and Delivery Symposium

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Join us for a discussion about the skills required to successfully work in drug design. Joel Barrish from Achillion and Ravi Nargund of Merck will each share their views and then participate in a Q&A session with the audience. Tune in to learn the attributes and capabilities needed by future medicinal chemists as well as the importance for medicinal chemists to be modality agonistic and focus on product potential.

What You Will Learn

Joel's Presentation

  • Many of the key innovations where medicinal chemistry will have impact in the future
  • How organizations have evolved and will continue to evolve to address challenges in drug discovery and development
  • The key attributes needed for success by the future medicinal chemist

Ravi's Presentation

  • Design strategies for synthesizing orally active peptide receptor agonists.
  • Exposure to “modalities” and why transitioning beyond “small molecules” may be relevant for impact. 
  • Why “smart” insulins and the MRL approach for glucose responsive insulins.

The Fine Print

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