Fighting Cancer: Targeting CNS Malignancy with Kinase Inhibitors

January 26, 2017
Session 1 of the 2017 Drug Design and Delivery Symposium

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Delivering compounds to the brain can be difficult. Join us as Timothy P. Heffron begins our module on fighting cancer with a discussion on the unmet need for neurooncology treatments, the significant opportunities that remain for new kinase inhibitors in this space and the unique challenges and considerations for brain-penentrant kinase inhibitor programs.

What You Will Learn

  • Free brain penetration (as opposed to just brain penetration) must be considered by neurooncology programs
  • Kinase inhibitors are of interest for the treatment of both primary brain tumors and brain metastases.
  • Focused drug discovery efforts, including optimization of physicochemical properties, can yield freely brain penetrating kinase inhibitors.

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