Advanced Pyrotechnics: Flash, Sound, and Smoke

June 28, 2012

Red Fireworks

What’s more exciting than watching fireworks explode in a bright cacophony of color after being launched hundreds of feet in to the air? Learning about the chemical process that makes it happen of course! Chris Mocella directs our eyes to the skies and explains the chemistry that has been used to impress spectators and scare dogs for over a thousand years.

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What You Will Learn

  • Brief review of pyrotechnic principles and reactions
  • Chemical recipes of different pyrotechnic compositions: flares, sparklers, dragon eggs, flash/bang, weeping willows, etc
  • Smoke production formulas and techniques
  • Brief discussion of ignition and sensitivity testing
  • And much more!

The Fine Print

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Chris Mocella
U.S. Customs and Border Protection Laboratories

Darren Griffin
University of Kent