Catching Errors: Peer Review and Retractions in Publishing

April 16, 2015

A pair of hands trying to catch errors

We have all seen the headlines where unintentional errors and falsified data have caused papers to be retracted. These instances can damage the reputation of the researchers, journals and institutions that are associated with the research. Join us as Dr. Charon Pierson and Dr. Ivan Oransky discuss the efforts that are being made to combat this issue and expose the bad research as well as what could be changed to improve the review process. See what Charon and Ivan had to say in their Reddit AMA.

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What You Will Learn

  • How editors and publishers protect against and respond to publication misconduct
  • How consistency in publishing practices protects the scientific record in any discipline
  • How legal implications of retractions influence retraction notices
  • How is past research reporting different from current practices and why is it important
  • Are there signs that could indicate dubious science?


Charon Pierson 
Governing Council of the Committee on Publication Ethics

Ivan Oransky
MedPage Today
Retraction Watch

James M. DuBois
Washington University School of Medicine