Genes and Geniuses: The Lost Human Story Buried in our DNA

September 27, 2012

drawing of a skull and brain

Our DNA makes us who we are, but what made our DNA the way it is? Trace the history of our DNA with New York Times bestselling author Sam Kean as he highlights some of the subjects covered in his book, “The Violinist’s Thumb.” You will learn more about our DNA and its history than Mendel and his pea plants ever could have hoped for. There will also be some interesting facts about Einstein’s Brain to boot.

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What You Will Learn

  • What happened to Einstein’s brain after he died
  • The genetic bases of general human intelligence and large brains
  • Why brain cells use DNA quite differently than other cells
  • The surprising amount of Neanderthal and other hominid DNA surviving in modern humans

The Fine Print

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Sam Kean
New York Times bestselling author