Predicting the Biggest Chemistry Advances of 2020

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Are you a futurist? Or are you in denial about the robot overlords who will soon be taking over our chemical synthesis labs? Join Chemical & Engineering News and a panel of experts as they recap their favorite moments in chemistry from 2019 and then look forward to what the future of science holds.

C&EN will host a lively discussion with editors from ACS Central Science and Nature Chemistry who have their fingers on the pulse of innovation in chemistry. Without a doubt, they’ll chat about automation, gene editing, and electrosynthesis. Register your own predictions about the biggest chemistry of 2020 during the live broadcast by voting in real-time polls and asking the panelists questions.

What You Will Learn

  • What were the hottest trends in chemistry research during 2019, according to the experts
  • What areas of chemistry research are predicted by experts to feature prominently in 2020
  • What’s electrosynthesis, and why you should care about it

Webinar Details 

  • Date: Wednesday, December 04, 2019 at 2-3 pm ET 
  • Fee: Free to Attend

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Stuart Cantrill
Nature Chemistry

Christopher Chang
ACS Central Science

Lauren Wolf
Chemical & Engineering News

Michael Torrice
Chemical & Engineering News