Who Will Win the #ChemNobel? Predicting the 2017 Nobel Laureate(s) in Chemistry

September 27, 2017 @ 2:00pm ET

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Can’t wait for this year’s announcement of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry on Oct. 4? We can’t either. Join C&EN and a panel of experts as they make their best guesses at who will claim the prize during a special webinar on Sept. 27. Cast your own virtual vote and add to the lively discussion of Nobel-worthy science by sending questions to the panelists.

Youtube ID: GSGms9DQn7w

What You Will Learn

  • Who are our front-runners for this year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry and why
  • How Nobel Prize winners in chemistry get nominated
  • Who has been snubbed for a Nobel Prize in Chemistry and why they should’ve won

The Fine Print

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Carmen Drahl 
Freelance Science Journalist 

Omar K. Farha
Northwestern University

Marie Heffern
UC Davis

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