Ignorance: Why Science Shouldn’t Start with a Hypothesis

January 24, 2013

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Knowledge is a big subject. Ignorance is a bigger one.  The most important outcome of scientific investigation is ignorance – newer, better ignorance. As many papers and books are produced each year in scientific journals, even more ignorance is created. The nature of a successful experiment is to learn perhaps one new thing and produce at least two new questions.  Join our esteemed experts, Dr. Stuart Firestein and Dr. Darren Griffin in a discussion of why ignorance is bliss!

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What You Will Learn

  • How scientists are using ignorance to guide their experiments
  • Why uncertainty is more important than facts
  • How focusing on the what remains to be done can make science more accessible to a lay audience.
  • How we use ignorance to teach science as a creative and engaging activity for students
  • And much more…

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Stuart Firestein
Columbia University