Tackling Toxics: The Chemical Class Approach towards Healthier Products and Materials

April 21, 2016

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There are currently tens of thousands of chemicals on the market, screening them for safety can seem like an impossible task. Rather than addressing each compound one at a time, a chemical class approach could be used to address many of the chemicals of concern commonly found in consumer products. Join us as Arlene Blum shares more about this system and how it  is used by large purchasers, manufacturers, retailers, and government decision makers. 

What You Will Learn

  • The chemical properties and applications of “Six Classes” of chemicals of concern in consumer products and building materials.
  • How to prevent “regrettable substitutions”, whereby a phased-out chemical is replaced by another that is closely related. 
  • Case studies on how government and business can address the use of classes of harmful chemicals for healthier products and materials.

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Arlene Blum
Green Science Policy Institute

Graham Peaslee
Hope College