Dr. Ann Newman

image of Ann Newman

Dr. Ann Newman is a pharmaceutical consultant at Seventh Street Development Group, a consulting and training firm specializing in solid state chemistry and pharmaceutical development, who has over 20 years of large pharma and contract research experience.  Dr. Newman received her PhD in chemistry from the Univ. of Connecticut and for the first ten years of her career performed characterization studies on a wide range of pharmaceutical systems at Bristol-Meyers Squibb, covering drug substance and product scale-up from late drug discovery to launch and manufacturing.  From there she became VP of Materials Science at SSCI, Inc. where she was involved in characterization of API and drug product samples, crystallization and polymorph screen studies, salt and cocrystal selections, quantitative assays, amorphous and amorphous dispersion projects, and general problem solving for the pharmaceutical industry.  As VP of R&D at Aptuit, she instituted a companywide R&D initiative over six global sites and covering areas such as API, preclinical (toxicology, safety, pharmacokinetics), formulation, solids, analytical, clinical packaging, and regulatory.  She holds an adjunct faculty position in Industrial and Physical Pharmacy at Purdue Univ. and is an author/collaborator on over 100 articles, book chapters, and scientific presentations.