Annette Bak

Mark Tichenor

Annette Bak joined Astra Zeneca as Head of Advanced Drug Delivery in September 2016.  She is leading a department of drug delivery scientists, formulators and analytical chemists across Sweden, UK, and the US responsible for advanced and cutting edge drug delivery of mRNA, oligo nucleotides, proteins, and small molecules. She also serves as the Chief Chemist on the AZ R&D leadership team. Before joining AZ her career was in the US pharmaceutical industry, Amgen and Merck.

Annette enjoys the opportunity to impact global and public health though innovative medicines. She has impacted numerous discovery and early development programs leading to new entities in the clinic and commercial space. She publish on a regular basis, for example on new ways to develop and deliver biomolecules and pharmaceutical cocrystals.

Connecting and developing others have also been central in Annetteā€™s career, and she has successfully coached reports and mentees leading to impact in their careers. She is a passionate volunteer in American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, servers on the Executive Council as a board member, and in that context contributing to the scientific and professional development of the wider community via leadership of global meetings, scientific and professional publications and presentations.