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Paula H. Christopher

Paula Christopher is a seasoned Diversity Practitioner with 20 years of experience    working in Diversity and Inclusion at the American Chemical Society (ACS).  She originally began her career working in administration until joining the Department of Diversity Programs, formally known as the Office of Minority Affairs. She received her professional diversity and inclusion accreditation in Strategic Diversity and Inclusion Management, from Georgetown University’s Executive Certification Program in Washington, DC.

Ms. Christopher’s career focuses on creating and building sustainable relationships within and among ACS Staff, ACS Membership and ACS external partners as well as the immediate community around the Washington DC Campus.

Ms. Christopher in involved in developing and facilitating D&I events and workshops with staff across various departments and divisions. She helps to create and curate supportable programming that educates and creates greater awareness around the benefits of working in an environment that is diverse and inclusive, where everyone should feel equally valued and respected. She is currently involved in moderating several listening sessions around diversity, inclusion and respect (ACS core values) as it relates to the workplace and current events, and is involved in compiling and synthesizing data results from these sessions to identify key themes working with ACS leadership in developing attainable and sustainable solutions.

Ms. Christopher serves in an advisory and collaborative role as staff liaison for the ACS Diversity, Inclusion & Respect Advisory Board and ACS’ Committee on Chemists with Disabilities. She also serves as a CEO appointed lead of the ACS Accessibility Working Group in helping to increase accessibility around ACS programs, products and services and online media. Ms. Christopher has also formed an ACS Consortium on Accessibility, which consists of likeminded representatives from several organizations in the Washington, DC area that meet quarterly to discuss and exchange ideas on successful practices, as well as barriers to addressing accessibility issues in their respective organizations.

She is also a liaison from ACS to one of our external partners, the National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE). Serving in a grass roots effort, Ms. Christopher connects ACS and NOBCChE entities in working together to increase opportunities for chemists and chemical engineers of color in having equal access to resources and relationships that would contribute to success in their academic and professional careers, and to increase the chemical enterprise pipeline with greater diversity around creativity, innovation, research and solutions for the challenges of the world.