William J. Greenlee

Dr. William J. Greenlee is an experienced Medicinal Chemist, Research Director and Project Manager with a record of success in over three decades of research in industry (Merck Research Laboratories, Schering-Plough Research Institute). He provided leadership to research groups that advanced 20 drug candidates into preclinical development and 11 into clinical studies. He contributed to medicinal chemistry programs that have led to marketed drugs (Vasotec™, Prinivil™), and directed programs that contributed clinical candidates including Zontivity™ (a first-in-class thrombin receptor antagonist) and preladenant (adenosine A2A antagonist) and verubecestat (beta-secretase inhibitor) that completed Phase 3 studies.  Bill has demonstrated strong communication and team-building skills and has made contributions to the medicinal chemistry community that have been recognized by local and national awards.