Brian Guthrie

Tiffany Hoerter

Brian Guthrie is currently a Cargill Corporate Research Fellow with subject matter expertise in Food Chemistry and a specialization in flavor chemistry. Dr. Guthrie started the sensory and consumer testing groups in Minneapolis and Shanghai in addition to building reaction chemistry and analytical capabilities in different Cargill groups. His group performs fundamental research on food ingredients such as malt, cocoa sweeteners, and thickener with a focus on chemistry, sensory and consumer science. He currently manages external projects on flavor, taste, and texture science globally.

Dr. Guthrie started his career in the food industry, after receiving B.S. and M.S. degrees in Food Science from Rutgers University and The Pennsylvania State University, as a Food Scientist in product development with the General Foods Corporation. He worked in the Maxwell House and Meals Divisions developing successful super-high-yield R&G coffees, super critical fluid extraction-decaffeinated coffees, and thermally processed shelf-stable entrees. While with General Foods, he co-founded People’s Choice Consumer Testing Company that provided consumer testing services to small food companies

Dr. Guthrie was then employed as a Process-Flavor Chemists and Group Leader in the Applied Research Department of Firmenich developing natural flavor chemicals, flavor systems and seasoning blends via thermal, enzymatic and fermentation routes. His team also worked with the various encapsulation platforms of Firmenich to design and validate flavor delivery systems to produce beneficial flavor retention and release as measured analytically and sensorically. While with Firmenich, Dr. Guthrie’s group performed sensory testing at the Princeton research laboratory in NewJersey.

Dr. Guthrie left Firmenich to become the Flavor Research Platform Manager in the Global Research Group at Kellogg’s. There he established a basic flavor research programs with external research groups and universities focused on the development of methods and achieving the understanding needed for innovative new food products, especially in the areas of aroma delivery and release, human-instrument correlations, molecular modeling, and preference mapping.