Matt Lasater

Tiffany Hoerter

Matt Lasater has had a loved chemistry since he was 10 years old, when he was taught how to make gunpowder. His passion for chemistry continued through high school, where he had an excellent chemistry teacher who let him explore safely. When he went to college, obviously he started as a physics major. When he eventually switched his major to chemistry, accompanied by a chorus of 'took you long enough to figure that out' from his friends and family, he thrived. After his undergraduate degree, he went to work for a small startup company making gasoline from plant oils (not ethanol). Within two years, funding faltered followed by a catastrophic industrial accident. The company closed and after an unsuccessful job search, he decided to go back to school.

Graduate school was an indescribable amount of fun and after graduating with an analytical chemistry Ph.D. specializing in mass spectrometry, he went to work marketing, designing, and manufacturing mass spectrometers for ThermoFisher Scientific. After 12 years, the manufacturing plant was closed and his position was terminated.

He was invited by his previous manager to join Edwards Lifesciences, a medical device company. He was brought on as a particulate engineer in Utah and after that task was complete, he was invited to the corporate headquarters as a principal chemist. His role was to build the analytical capabilities of the labs, ensure good quality data, and perform analyses. After two years, the company promoted him to study director, which involved only project planning and management reviews. He found that he did not enjoy the new role, so he found a new position with MedMen.

At MedMen, he has the opportunity to build the analytical capabilities of the labs, put processes in place to ensure good quality data, research the complex chemistry of the natural product, and perform the manufacturing and safety assurances for the product.