Scott Lokey

Claude Michel

Scott Lokey did undergraduate research in organometallic chemistry with Professor Nancy Mills at Trinity University and received his Ph.D. at the University of Texas, Austin, working under Professor Brent Iverson, where his research centered on the synthesis of molecules that fold into protein-like shapes in water and bind to specific DNA sequences.  

He did post-doctoral research at Genentech, where he worked on the synthesis of bioactive cyclic peptides, and then at Harvard Medical School and the Institute of Chemistry and Cell Biology with Professors Timothy Mitchison and Marc Kirschner on chemical biology approaches to the study of the actin cytoskeleton. He joined the faculty at UCSC in 2002 in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, where his research group focuses on the relationship between molecular structure and drug-like properties, especially cell permeability.

Professor Lokey is also the director of the UCSC Chemical Screening Center, a high-throughput screening facility dedicated to early stage lead discovery, especially against infectious agents and neglected disease targets. He lives in Santa Cruz where he and his family enjoy eating good sushi, playing on the beach, and exploring the surrounding forests.