Yvonne C. Martin

Dr. Yvonne Martin received her undergraduate degree in chemistry-zoology from Carleton College in 1958. She spent two years as a biochemical pharmacology assistant at Abbott Laboratories before she enrolled in the chemistry department of Northwestern University, obtaining a Ph. D degree in biophysical biochemistry. After returning to Abbott in 1964, in a chance encounter in 1967 she met Corwin Hansch which led her to apply QSAR to Abbott’s drug discovery projects. While collaborating with Abbott medicinal chemists, she became frustrated with deficiencies in the available computational methodologies; as a result, with various collaborators she made pioneering contributions not only to traditional QSAR, but also to 3DQSAR, pharmacophore detection, 3D database searching, the interpretation of chemical similarity, leadhopping, and docking scoring functions. Although formally retired, Dr. Martin continues her research as a volunteer with the AbbVie Neglected Diseases group. She has received the Skolnik Award of the ACS Division of Chemical Information and the ACS Award for Computers in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research, and was inducted into the Medicinal Chemistry Hall of Fame sponsored by the ACS Division of Medicinal Chemistry.