Mike Elconin

image of Mike Elconin

Mike Elconin is an active angel investor. He is immediate past president of the San Diego Tech Coast Angels. He has been investing in and consulting with California technology startups since 1999, serving on about 20 company and organizational Boards of Directors. He founded and was CEO of Software Banc, Inc, a Midwest firm designing medical and legal management systems. The company was sold to a public competitor in 1997. Mike is currently serving as a Technology and Business Advisor with the Von Liebig Center at the School of Engineering at UCSD where he works and advises professors on commercializing their technology primarily in areas of electrical, structural, mechanical and aerospace engineering. In addition, Mike also serves as a Technical Client Manager for the Center for the Commercialization of Advanced Technology, a DOD funded program which seeks to commercialize innovative technologies for use in the military, primarily in the field of robotics. Before venturing into industry, Mike served three terms in the Wisconsin Legislature followed by two years as Chief of Staff of the Governor of Wisconsin, and subsequently on a number of state and local elected and appointed positions, including a term on the Milwaukee School Board.