Nicholas Washienko

image of Nicholas Washienko

Nicholas Washienko has helped senior executives prepare for business critical presentations for over thirty years. His client list includes Fortune 500 companies and he has traveled extensively throughout the world consulting to international companies. His approach to presentation consulting is refreshing and very successful. Why?  Because he recognizes that the major obstacle to successful presentations lies in the disparate interests of speakers and listeners. On the one hand most speakers treat business presentations as if they were delivering a report in college. They incorporate enormous amounts of information which they transfer to PowerPoint and then end up reading the screens. On the other hand are the listeners who are bombarded by information from all kinds of electronic media and who now get information in quick short bursts. That is to say, their attention span has been greatly reduced in this electronic age.  This holds particularly true of senior executives. Nick helps clients recognize this dilemma and provides them a clear, concise, and tested way of avoiding this obstacle to success.  Nick holds a PHD and JD from Boston University where he is on the faculty teaching courses in Business Law and Business Communication.