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Brian Price

Brian Price has worked with oilfield chemistry for over 32 years in the areas of production treating chemicals, pipeline treating chemicals, fracturing fluid additives, stimulation chemicals, and flow assurance.  Brian has held various positions in his career, having worked as analytical chemist, formulation chemist, technical services, in sales, in marketing, and in management.  He has been fortunate to have worked extensively in North America and in international markets with varying types of production.  He has particularly focused on challenging applications of oilfield chemistry and organizational growth.  Brian has written articles and presented material to a variety oil and gas professional organizations.  He holds a US Patent and has several patents pending approval.  Brian studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Southwestern Louisiana in Lafayette (now University of Louisiana – Lafayette).  Rockwater Energy Solutions joined the ACS GCI Hydraulic Fracturing Roundtable in 2015 and is pleased to drive and support efforts to provide greener chemical solutions.