Sara Tenney

Sara Tenney is a Publisher at ACS, where she oversees the ACS Guide to Scholarly Communication, 2020 Release, among other important brands within ACS Publications.  Upon her arrival at ACS in the fall of 2017, Sara heard from hundreds of users of the ACS Style Guide. She implemented their feedback to inform the acquisition of authors, development of content, and user experience plans. The re-envisioned digital, expanding, and bi-annually updated ACS Guide to Scholarly Communication, 2020 Release, thirty months later is the result of this user feedback.

Sara has many years of experience publishing best-selling print and digital works for biologists and chemists at budding, early career, and established career stages.  She began her career selling textbooks to professors across Wisconsin, where she learned firsthand the importance of the customer.  From there she moved into author acquisitions with W.H. Freeman/Macmillan, Nature/Macmillan, Elsevier, and now ACS.  She credits her acquisitions and publishing successes to understanding the characteristics of best-selling authors.  Sara is recognized as one of the most inventive, competitive, and market-driven editorial minds in the publishing industry.  In the digital realm, Sara uses the medium to drive sales, introduce innovation by developing content knowledge, and creating community.