Building a Positive Online Personal Brand: Using LinkedIn, Blogs, and Other Social Media Tools

July 6, 2017 @ 2:00pm ET
Part six of the 2017 Industrial Science Series

LinkedIn graphic

How can you use various online tools to highlight your skills and experiences to build/enhance your professional profile and promote thought leadership and expertise in your field? Join Lauren Celano of Propel Careers as she focuses on LinkedIn to teach you how to structure information in your profile as well as which sections are most important. Example profiles will be shown to highlight how details can differ for a chemist’s profile depending upon their career interest and career experience. The webinar will also give insight on how HR professionals use LinkedIn to identify talent and recruit for roles and what information stands out to them in a profile. Other tools such as Twitter and blogs will be briefly covered since these tools can also be valuable for building thought leadership. 

What You Will Learn

  • How to build a LinkedIn profile to highlight your skills/experiences and what tools within LinkedIn can be useful to highlight your experiences
  • How to tailor profiles for career stages and areas of interest
  • How HR professionals utilize information on LinkedIn and what information they find attractive in a profile

The Fine Print

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