Chemistry in the Courtroom: Demystifying Science for Judge and Jury

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silhouette of a judge

The decision in many trials depends on which expert prevails. However, a courtroom may be just as daunting for a chemist as the lab would be for a lawyer. Join Dr. Jim Carver as he demonstrates that it’s not only important WHAT a chemist presents but HOW that chemist presents it. A jury and/or a judge not only depend on honest testimony, but they want a chemist who can simplify the complex science.

What You Will Learn:

  • Typical strengths of chemists in a courtroom
  • Typical shortcomings of chemists in a courtroom
  • Converting numbers into words and pictures
  • How to acknowledge ambiguities without losing the case


Jim Carver
The Carver Law Firm

Mark Jones 
Dow Chemical