Rookie Lab Mistakes and Other Facts Not Found in Textbooks

January 15, 2014

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There is a learning curve for everything, but mistakes made in the lab can ruin your research and cause dangerous accidents.  Tune is as Dr. Alison Frontier shares some trends that she has discovered after 10 years of running the website “Not Voodoo X,” which provides a place where chemists of all types can submit what they have seen go wrong in the lab.  Join us to share your experiences, discover the most commonly reported lab mistakes, how they can be avoided, and take solace in the fact that everyone makes mistakes.   

What You Will Learn:

  • Which rookie mistakes are most common, and what you can do to avoid them
  • Tips and tricks from experts on topics ranging from equipment to reagents to purification.
  • Techniques useful in organic experimentation: Not Voodoo has "How Tos"  and "Magic Formulas" that can save you time in the lab.
  • Much, much more. 

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Alison Frontier
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