Opioids: Fighting Addiction with Chemistry

Tuesday, February 27, 2018 @ 7:00pm ET (6:45 pre-game)
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These days it is difficult to escape the tragic news of yet another story referring to the growing opioid epidemic. In the United States, overdose deaths from opioids have nearly tripled in the last 15 years. In 2016 alone they have claimed more than 30,000 lives.

Join us for a special broadcast as we explain what makes these compounds so addictive, the treatments and medications that are being used to help those who suffer, and profile the work that chemists are doing to make prescription pain killers safer and harder to abuse. Gather a group and interact with our expert panel of medical experts, and chemists to discover why this problem has become so widespread and how the power of chemistry can be used to fight the rising tide of addiction.

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What Your Group Will Learn

  • How the current opioid crisis and epidemic came to be
  • What are the neurobiological pathways in addiction and the role of dopamine
  • What are the current clinical pharmacotherapeutic approaches to opioid treatment
  • How opioid addiction differs from other types of addictions 
  • Outlook for new treatment options and innovations in biotech that are on the horizon

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Marc Fishman
Medical Director
Maryland Treatment Centers

Dan Sutherlin
Vice President

Rita Valentino
National Institute on Drug Abuse


Tien M. Nguyen
Science Reporter
Chemical & Engineering News