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Become more visible. Gain a competitive edge. Spotlight your research on video! We’ll provide you with the resources to make a high-quality 3 minute scientific video abstract of your science.

Include the short video on your lab website, with your research profile, or share and post it online. Take a look below to see an example of what a recording looks like, get more details on the Scientific Presentation Studio, and express your interest.

Take a look at Björn Over's recording for an example of how your video will appear. 

Youtube ID: r08MzAVtr4o

What is the Scientific Presentation Studio?
We help you create a high quality short video of your research presentation. The process is simple. Let us handle the right camera angle, lighting, and sound while you focus on your presentation. We will send your finished high-quality recording directly to your email. 

Why should I use the Scientific Presentation Studio?
We help you catalyze your science with high-quality digital video. Your video will be automatically available for use. Capture your audience attention with short videos: share, submit, post, or archive your video presentation quickly and easily.

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What will I get?

  • A short high-quality video recording of your research/science presentation.
  • Personalized coaching on effective presentation techniques and on communicating science (limited availability).
  • Opportunity to submit/publish your presentation on the ACS website.

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How can I use my Video?
There are many ways to leverage your videos. Use your video to promote your research on your lab website, on social media, in your job application, etc. Capture your passion and communicate your science.

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How can I participate?
The Scientific Presentation Studio will be recording Presentation on Demand Shorts at the ACS National Meeting in San Francisco to a select group of oral presenters. If you would like to know more, please contact us at

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Prepare your presentation

  • Design your slides
    • Compatible with Powerpoint and Keynote files
    • Use a 4x3 aspect ratio (most applications default to 16x9)
    • Keep your presentation to 4 slides
    • Bring your presentation file with you on a USB drive
    • Ensure that your slides are legible on all sizes of screens
      • Text font & size: equivalent to Arial, 34-46pt
      • Use high resolution images; animation is ok
  • Practice makes perfect
    • Plan for a no more than 3-minute presentation length
    • Rehearse your introduction and ending to your presentation.
    • Time yourself.  Run through your entire presentation with a stopwatch.

Prepare yourself

  • Wear professional attire (avoid stripes); blazer optional.  Dark colors are best against the white background.
  • Watch these short videos to help you succeed in your presentation:

Schedule & Registration

Check back for more information on upcoming events. 

If you have any questions, please email

Youtube ID: eg7bD_zPY94

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