Insulation Chemistry on Earth and Beyond: Polyimide and Polyamide Aerogels

July 14, 2016

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Aerogels are low-density solids with nanoscale porosity which makes them of interest for a variety of aerospace applications including insulation for space suits, habitats and vehicles or as low dielectric substrates for lightweight antennas.  This presentation will focus on NASA Glenn’s work in design and synthesis of strong durable aerogels that make these applications a reality.   

What You Will Learn

  • How polyimide and polyamide aerogels are different from silica aerogels
  • How NASA is applying these materials as insulation or low dielectric substrates for future missions
  • How durable polymer aerogels can be applied to similar applications on Earth

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Mary Ann Meador
NASA Glenn Research Center

Paulomi Majumder

Paulomi Majumder
Publications Division

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