Catalyzing Innovation through Molecular Design

July 16, 2015

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In the world of chemistry, there are many roads that can lead to your desired end product. Researching the synthetic route less traveled can lead to some amazing results.  Join us for this special broadcast from the Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference as Brian Laird and Anthony Rappé discuss how their interdisciplinary research presents new approaches to designing and using catalysts that eliminate hazardous materials while minimizing waste and conserve resources (raw materials, water, energy).

What You Will Learn

  • A review of how innovative computational design and synthetic exploration techniques are addressing critical sustainable design and development issues faced by the chemical industry
  • Discoveries and methodologies for using modeling, synthesis, reactor engineering, kinetic studies, and life-cycle assessments to minimize environmental impact of catalytic processes
  • The importance of multidisciplinary teams, day-to-day incorporation of sustainability into scientists’ work, and communication/outreach as part of the research process

The Fine Print

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Brian B. Laird
University of Kansas

Anthony K Rappé
Colorado State University

Joe Fortunak 
Howard University 

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