From Molecules to Medicine: How Structure Helps Cure Disease

October 9, 2014

Crystal Structure

When it comes to molecular structure, small differences can have a huge impact. Celebrate the International Year of Crystallography 2014 and tune in to discover the role that crystallography plays in small molecule therapeutics. Dr. Greg Petsko will join us to discuss the scope and limitations of structural methods in the quest to combat Alzheimer’s, as well as other neurodegenerative diseases.

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What You Will Learn:

  • How structural information can be used to identify and improve small-molecule therapeutics
  • The role of biological (large-molecule) drugs in the fight against neurologic disorders and how structure can help make better ones
  • What structural information cannot be expected to do and should not be expected to do

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Greg A. Petsko
Weill Cornell Medical College

Martha Teeter
American Crystallographic Association

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