Nano 2.0: Multi-scale Nanomaterials

Monday, October 9 @ 2-3pm ET

A computer generated image of a nano-structure

The next generation of nanomaterials will consist of nanoscale super-structures that show collective responses. Celebrate nano and its future with pioneer Teri Odom of Northwestern University on National Nano Day as she discusses the exquisite properties of structures with nanoscale dimensions. Join live to discover how nanoscale building blocks organized into super-structures open new classes of multi-scale nanomaterials with unprecedented physical characteristics.

What You Will Learn

  • How to fabricate multi-scale nanostructures in hard and soft materials
  • How to control periodicity over multiple length scales in plasmonic materials for applications in lasing
  • How to control disorder over multiple length scales in polymers for applications in wetting

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Teri W. Odom
Northwestern University

Laura Fernandez
ACS Nano and Nano Letters

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