Innovations in Green Chemistry

Organics from Carbon Dioxide, Sunlight and Water

June 6, 2013

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A single gigawatt coal-fired power plant produces 1000 pounds of CO2 per second! What can we possibly do with all of that CO2? Join Dr. Andrew Bocarsly as he explores how chemistry can be developed that uses solar energy to convert CO2 to value added products. Can we do better than green plants at the photosynthetic conversion of CO2 and water to sugars and oxygen? We are already winning this race!

What You Will Learn

  • The energy cost of using CO2 as a starting material for fuels and/or organic products.
  • Novel electrocatalysts that promote the efficient conversion of aqueous CO2 to alcohols.
  • How can we drive CO2 to organics using sunlight: The search for solar fuels?
  • Is CO2 chemistry the fun and games of university profs, or is there a sound, near term, business challenge that can take advantage of this chemistry?

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Andrew Bocarsly
Princeton University

Joe Fortunak
Howard University