Planting the Seeds for Sustainable Chemistry

September 4, 2014

Hand holding a plant sprouting the earth

What can be done to incorporate green chemistry in to all parts of the industry? Learn about the Network of Early-Career Sustainable Scientist and Engineers (NESSE) and how they are working to build a community of confident and able early-career sustainable scientists. These professionals are connecting across disciplines, sharing knowledge and resources, forging collaborations, and finding solutions towards making research and its outcomes more sustainable.

What You Will Learn:

  • The importance of early-career researchers to be involved in and help shape the green science agenda
  • Examples of universities that are providing education to help science be more sustainable. 
  • How the NESSE can help through mentorship, networking, outreach, advocacy, and inspiration


The Fine Print

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Cliff Coss

Julian R. Silverman
CUNY Graduate Center

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