Chemistry of Go: High Performance Elastomers

June 2, 2016
Part six of the 2016 Material Science Series

An "M" with a running shoe in it

How not listening to "you can’t do that!" ended up making better athletic shoes and kayaks.  Edmund Carnahan will profile a revolutionary chain shuttling catalysis that enables the production of polymers with novel properties that have found use in a wide variety of applications. If you find yourself asking why those new fancy sneakers are so comfortable, it could be due to advanced midsole technology using olefin block copolymers.

What You Will Learn

  • There has been a revolutionary move to molecular catalysts in the production of polyolefin polymers.
  • Incorporation of reversible chain transfer agents allow growing polymer chains to swap back and forth between two very different catalyst sites, making olefin block copolymers with very unique properties.
  • These new olefin block copolymers “break the rules” of performance and give a new balance of properties in applications.

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