The Chemistry of Sight: Material Innovations in Eye Care and Contact Lenses

July 7, 2016
Part seven of the 2016 Material Science Series

An "M" with an eye in it

In the past, being near or farsighted could profoundly affect one's life. Now it is merely a minor inconvenience. Join us as Heather Sheardown of McMaster University explores the current materials used in contact lenses and how chemists are working to make them more comfortable. Heather will also cover how current technologies can be used to improve ocular health in other areas. 

What You Will Learn

  • Taking a look at silicone hydrogels vs conventional hydrogels in the eye.
  • Dealing with the issue of lubricity in the eye.
  • How can we take what we have learned from contact lenses and apply it to delivering drugs. 

The Fine Print

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