Staying Ahead of the Game: Recent Innovations in Computational Methods for Drug Discovery

March 18, 2010

computer model of atoms

Looking for new ideas in your research projects? Want to know if computational methods can help? Knowing when to use a certain tool in your research is as crucial as deciding whether you should use it. Advances in computational methods have greatly sped up drug discovery, but it is not without its setbacks. Our speaker will discuss the successes of computational modeling and how to benefit from failures and avoid costly mistakes. Join us as we probe the secrets of when to deploy computational methods and how to get the innovations you want.

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What You Will Learn

  • How recent innovations in computational methods can impact my projects
  • When should I use (and not use) molecular modeling in my projects
  • What can I learn from past successes in computer-aided drug design
  • Guidance to getting where I want faster; avoiding costly mistakes

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