TERA-print: From Academic Discovery to A Commercial Desktop Fab

March 2, 2017
Part two of the 2017 Industrial Science Series

How do you successfully transition your academic discoveries to a commercial market? Join us as Chad Mirkin discusses TERA-print, a Northwestern University start-up company based upon the inventions of Polymer Pen Lithography (PPL) and Beam Pen Lithography (BBL).  In addition to underlying the first tools for point-of-use, large-area desktop nanofabrication, these techniques open up the field of nanocombinatorics and a new and powerful approach to materials discovery. Chad will explore the commercialization of these methods and how they are being used to generate combinatorial libraries with as many as 100 million nanoscale features that can be used to screen and identify nanomaterial structure-function relationships important in catalysis, energy harvesting and conversion, and the life sciences.

What You Will Learn

  • The process underlying university start-up commercialization
  • Polymer Pen Lithography and Beam Pen Lithography
  • Materials discovery through the introduction of massive libraries of nanostructures that systematically vary in size and composition

The Fine Print

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Chad Mirkin
International Institute for Nanotechnology

Mark Jones
Dow Chemical

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