Chemistry of Hello: The Next Generation of Circuitry

February 4, 2016
Part two of the 2016 Material Science Series

An "M: Made of Circuts

In our second broadcast, Tobin Marks will focus on the challenging design requirements and new materials needed to create unconventional electronic circuitry. Tune in to learn about fabrication methodologies being used to achieve these goals including high-throughput, large-area printing techniques and organic/inorganic electronics.  

What You Will Learn

  • How field-effect transistors work and what are the performance metrics for semiconductors, conductors, and dielectrics.
  • Material chemistry design considerations for organic, hybrid organic/inorganic, and inorganic electronics; why are various materials combinations used?
  • Future research directions and applications. Where is the field going?

The Fine Print

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Tobin Marks
Northwestern University

Mark Jones
Dow Chemical

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