The ACS Webinars Library

Hundreds of presentations from the best and brightest minds that chemistry has to offer are available to you on-demand. The Library of edited videos is divided in to 6 different sections to help you more easily find what you are searching. This Archive is just one of the many benefits that ACS membership has to offer, if you are not a member look below to see a preview of 3 recent broadcasts and discover more about the perks of being an American Chemical Society member. 

Professional Development

Learn how to write better abstracts, deliver more engaging presentations, and network to your next dream job. Brush up on your soft skills and set a new career path by mastering what can not be taught in the lab. 

Technology & Innovation

From renewable fuels to creating the materials for the technology of tomorrow, chemistry plays a pivotal role in advancing our world. Meet the chemists that are building a better world and see how their science is making it happen.  

Drug Design and Delivery 

The Drug Design Delivery Series has built a collection of the top minds in the field to explain the mechanics of drug discovery. Discover the latest research, receive an overview on different fields of study, and gain insight on how to possibly overcome your own med chem roadblocks. 

Culinary Chemistry

Why does food taste better when it is grilled or what molecular compounds make a great wine? Discover the delectable science of your favorite food and drink and don’t forget to come back for a second helping.  

Popular Chemistry

Feeling burdened by all that molecular weight? Listen to experts expound on the amazing side of current hot science topics. Discover the chemistry of rockets, how viruses have affected human history, or the molecular breakdown of a hangover.

Business & Entrepreneurship

How do ideas make it from the lab to the real world? Discover the ins and outs of the chemical industry whether you are looking to start a business or desire a priceless industry-wide perspective.

The ACS Webinars Library

The ACS Webinar Library has over 250 past broadcasts and is just one of the many benefits of ACS Membership including discounts to the national meeting, any 50 articles from all ACS Journals, ACS eBooks, all C&EN articles and much more.   

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